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Fresh bid to ensure Tasmania is ready for tourist influx

Fresh bid to ensure Tasmania is ready for tourist influx | Tourism |

A new partnership between the Government and tourism industry is aiming to increase transport capacity to Tasmania, encourage private investment as well as improve the visitor experience.

The Government has set a goal of attracting 1.5 million tourists every year by 2020. Tourism T21, a five-year strategy, sets out a plan to grow demand for travel, expand air and sea access and encourage investment in tourism infrastructure.

Premier Will Hodgman, who is also Tourism Minister, said that in the past year more visitors travelled to Tasmania than ever before and it was critical to keep that growth going. In 2014, the state experienced a 38 per cent jump in the number of Chinese visitors and was on track to mark one million domestic visitors for the first time in a 12-month period.

Tasmania has the highest number of tourism industry employees per capita of any state.

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Qld national parks receive boost

Qld national parks receive boost | Tourism |

Picture pristine wilderness, flowing creeks and rugged mountains that would fill nearly 10,000 Suncorp Stadiums.

That's the amount of rainforest and bush added to Queensland's national parks by the state government on Thursday.

More than 11,000 hectares of forest in central and north Queensland have been upgraded to national park status, including areas near Cairns, Bundaberg, Townsville and Mackay.

"Queensland has some of the most incredible natural environments in the world," National Parks Minister Steven Miles said.

"We want to preserve them for future generations to explore and enjoy."

Dr Miles said about eight per cent of the state was now protected.

The picturesque Kuranda National Park near Cairns was one of the areas expanded.

There are more than 300 national parks in the sunshine state, now covering 8.7 million hectares.

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Tasmania highest growth in tourism

Tasmania highest growth in tourism | Tourism |

According to the latest statistics Tasmania has become the area, that records the biggest international tourists growth. The growth has risen compared to last year by 28%, which is a huge amount.

This enormous percentage results in 197.000 international tourists that visited Tasmania. The total income that tourism brings along for Tasmania therefor has also increased a lot. 42% to be exact. So who were these "extra" visitors? Most of them were of Chinese or Hong Kong origin.

Top4s insight:

Tasmania managed to get this year a 28% rise in tourism, which is more than any other area or nation.

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10 most popular tourist attractions

10 most popular tourist attractions | Tourism |

Australia is definitely one of the most attractive countries to visit. The country offers so many places you just have to see once in your life. But not just places, Australia also possesses exceptional culture, and amazing an amazing Flora & Fauna. this article shows you the 10 most popular places and attractions Australia has to offer to tourists. This list includes the whole area of Australia, from the islands, the well known desert area or outback as more commonly used, unique wild nature and its species, and also the cities of this amazing country.

Top4s insight:

Australia is a country that provides many different tourist attractions. this list gives you the 10 most popular ones.

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Close to 4,000 kilograms of debris collected at first Great Barrier Reef clean-up

Close to 4,000 kilograms of debris collected at first Great Barrier Reef clean-up | Tourism |

Almost 4,000 kilograms of debris were collected by more than 500 local volunteers from across Queensland during the Great Barrier Reef Clean-up in October.

Plastic lids, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, cigarette butts, broken glass and balloons were the most frequent items collected during the clean-up effort led by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA). For two weekends, volunteers scoured 12 sites from Cape York to Bundaberg, who sought to reduce debris in the Reef lagoon. They gathered almost 300 bags of rubbish from beaches, parks and waterways feeding into the Reef catchment.

Australian Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt said that because of the clean-up, the rubbish and litter collected over the weekends would no longer pose a risk to marine life. The initiative has also raised awareness and reminded people not to let their litter bug the Reef, he added.

Top4s insight:

Everyone should learn to care for the nature and be conscious  of litter disposal.  The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's treasure and we must all help in preserving it. 

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5 reasons why Tasmania is awesome!

5 reasons why Tasmania is awesome! | Tourism |

Tasmania has done a seriously good job. 7 out of 10 awards were awarded to their tourist operators, during the national industry award ceremony. 

Tasmania was awarded 10 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals, and that out of 29 total medals.

The state has received a lot of recognition with the impressive results, by either the Australian citizens, but also from overseas.

Top4s insight:

Tasmania has become the very best tourist area of Australia with an impressive amount of awards.

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Sydney enables tourists to use NFC for information

Sydney enables tourists to use NFC for information | Tourism |

The Informed Tourist, which is a visitor information provider has installed NFC touch points in more than 200 hotels. The reason for this is to make it easier for toursits to get the information required to get to their destinations or to get directions to local attractions that Sydney has to offer. This is all possible by the NFC option on almost any smartphone nowadays.

Not just hotels are installed with the NFC touch points, rental car companies and tourist information posts have also been equipped.

Top4s insight:

When you are a tourist in Sydney, you have a lot to see and do. the enabling of NFC syncing makes everything slightly easier in the big city.

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